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Do you know your customers? I mean really know them. Are you approaching your customers with actual customer data and scientifically acquired information specific to their needs? Or are you hoping to hit the mark using data that is merely presumed and unproven? Don’t waste another day taking shots in the dark when you could be reaping the benefits of having real customer data analytics that drive your sales through the roof! Let us help improve your customer relations and drive your company’s sales growth through the use of our incredible customer relations management system. Our CRM technology will change the way you do business!

How CRM Works

Our effective customer relations management system cultivates invaluable experiences between you and your customers. You’ll enjoy a seamless connection that generates current, accurate customer data that leads to better customer retention and more sales for your dealership or business. Effective CRM helps to strengthen the “R” in CRM so that you better understand the contact your customers and potential customers have had with your sales team and customer relations department. No more duplicate interactions that waste time and drive customers away to your competition.


How CRM Is Evolving

In the past, CRM systems were nothing more than glorified databases of irrelevant and oftentimes outdated information obtained through unrelated channels. Today, people are turning to the sophisticated CRM solutions that only Design Force can provide. Our CRM system allows you to gain the most accurate information on prospective and current customers through the use of social media, marketing materials, website interaction, live chats, phone calls, and more. How customers interact with your website, social media accounts, emails, and more tells us so much about their interests and intentions. Don’t miss out on using this priceless data to turn sales leads into full-blown customers!

The days of waiting endlessly in a phone queue or checking your inbox for a response to an email query are behind us. That impersonal, ineffective, and frustrating mode of customer interaction has given way to a more streamlined, efficient way of reaching your customers and tending to their needs. Customers now expect their experiences with companies to reach across multiple channels so that their contact is quick and painless. They want what they want when they want it, and it’s usually now!


How Our CRM Will Work For You

Imagine having access to valuable information about prospective customers that can help you turn leads into sales! With our innovative and sophisticated User Tracking feature, you’ll be privy to information about how they found you and how they navigated through your site. Did an email link send them to your website? Did they click through a photo gallery or watch a video? How much time did they spend on your website? Their activity on and engagement with your website will be used to generate a lead grade. With this automatic lead grading system, you’ll know up-front how much interest they’ve shown in your product or service—before you even reach out to them! This intelligent system puts your salespeople one step ahead of your customers and sets you a world apart from the competition.

You’d expect a steep learning curve with technology this advanced, but our CRM system is so user-friendly, it’ll feel like second nature in no time! The mobile-friendly application makes it possible for your salespeople to manage leads right from their phone or tablet on the sales floor or anywhere. They can also use the Smart Reminders feature to stay on top of their leads and customer interactions. Our CRM system makes for easy sales dashboard management 24/7, so there won’t be any customers falling through the cracks or sales going untapped due to mismanagement.

This sales-savvy technology can be yours to turn leads into sales today, but only with Design Force. Other companies may offer similar services, but they fall short in comparison to us! You’ll find expensive, a la carte-style services with the other guys. Ours is the complete, full-service menu that includes everything you need to drive customers to your site, nurture relationships, and retain valuable business. Want a system that’s tailor-made to your needs? We can customize a solution that fits your business to a tee, whether it’s a dealership, restaurant, or other industry. From start to finish, we’ll strategize, create, and implement a solution that works for you!

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