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Email Marketing Management

Before you feel too victorious that you’ve gotten a customer to convert, stop for a second to consider, what are you doing to do to keep this customer coming back? What could you be doing to remind customers that you’re still there, ready to provide them with the services they need? Furthermore, consider those visitors who are thinking about giving you their business, but have not yet converted. How will you persuade them to choose you over others?

From concepts to follow-up, Design Force can help you boost site traffic and conversions through effective email marketing. We’ll find the perfect balance of reminding subscribers that you’re still around, you value their business, and and that you have something to offer to make their lives easier - without being overwhelming.

Are you experiencing low click-through rates on your email blasts, and are getting unsubscribe requests by the dozens? It’s time to start thinking more in-depth about what your customers are really looking for. There are several factors to consider, and we’ll take each into account when developing an email marketing plan for you! There can be a fine line between striking the perfect balance between what you envision for email campaigns versus what your customer is looking for, and we offer the insight and work with you to come up with the perfect approach to attract and retain clients.

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Email marketing is all about planning, and we’ll take the time to design the perfect emails to reflect your business’ goals. Our creative team develops engaging, impressive email content, with interesting and informative copy, as well as custom graphics that will not only grab the attention of customers but will spark interest and get them clicking to head over to check out your website.

If you’ve ever dealt with email campaigns, you’ve probably dealt with finicky customers demanding to be removed from your list. Here at Design Force, we strive to prevent that from happening by providing interesting, relevant, and professional content that will continue to keep customers interested.

Sometimes it can be tough to keep the customer coming back. One-time purchases can feel hopeless when it comes to maintaining a client, but that’s where Design Force shines! Through informative, beneficial content, we’ll demonstrate how a consumer can use their product to the fullest of its abilities, show what post-purchase services are available to demonstrate continued value, and how a future purchase can be even easier than the first.

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No matter what kind of business you’re running, we’re ready to help! For all retail and sales businesses, we can keep up with any sale or promotion you want to run and will time emails just right to draw in the crowds and put money in your pocket. If you run a large company, we can formulate the perfect quarterly email to keep clients up to date. Want to tell your regulars that your restaurant is starting a new menu item? We do that too! No matter what type of business you have, we’ll push emails to keep subscribers informed and keep traffic flowing to your website.

We know all the ins and outs of email marketing, and we’ll ensure that your emails don’t get lost through spam filters and will create catchy titles for increased visibility, and we’ll even consider how your emails will appear on mobile devices.

Not only will we craft unique and effective email marketing campaigns, we’ll also track success through detailed analytics, so we can hone in on what your customers like - and what they don’t like - and will create a future strategy for continued success through email campaigns.

Stop hanging out in your customers’ junk email folders and give Design Force a call now at 231-760-8847 to schedule a demo. Let us show you how effective our email marketing campaigns can be, and just how easy it’ll be to convert undecided customers and keep existing customers coming back for more!

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